HTA Postponed

Dear HTA enthusiasts, while 2020 has been a challenging year for all Australians, it is Victorians that have experienced the most difficult restrictions. At the time of writing, we are still unable to travel to rural Victoria, let alone go interstate. As we have spent so much time in lockdown, it has made it impossible to move forward with HTA planning. Also because of ongoing doubt around dates concerning border restrictions easing and the possibility of another lockdown, if things go bad, we announce with much sadness that HTA 2021 is postponed. We are at the critical point where we would now be sending out entry forms but we don’t want to be tangled up in refunding money and being stuck with merchandise in the event that we are locked down again. Of course there will be another
HTA in the future but before we can organise one, we need to be confident that there will be no safety risks, travel restrictions or quarantine issues to participants or spectators. We hope to announce a HTA sometime in the future but for now, we wish you well and hope to see you on the road.

Your HTA team.

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